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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Ryan Jentzsch 7 / 10

Mean Girls meets Ground Hog Day is accurate

Plot: 6

Themes and Tone: 9

Acting and Characters: 8

Direction: 6

Music and Score: 5

Cinematography: 8

Production Design: 10

Special Effects: 7

Editing: 9

Pacing: 5

Dialogue: 9

Plot: Has been done before. This movie in the context of high school.

Themes and Tone: The move goes for a dark theme and achieves it. On this level the film made an emotional impression on me.

Acting and Characters: Strong stereotypes but the female lead and especially Halston Sage's performances make up for this.

Direction: The movie is a slow start and spends too much time establishing the main characters as a typical mean girl clique. Part of the issue is the story itself (it's repetitive).

Score and Music: I saw this movie with my daughter. I asked if she recognized any of the music in the film. She said no. Not music I would choose to listen to.

Cinematography: This is actually one of the best features of the movie. Nice smooth camera work. Interesting angles and close-ups when needed.

Production Design: Sets and backdrop are very believable and added to the overall theme of the movie.

Special Effects: Aside from one jump scare pretending to be a special effect this aspect of the film is done well.

Editing: Transitions between scenes and other editing is clean and flows.

Pace: A slow start and eventually picks up to a decent pace.

Dialogue: Well done. The film is repetitive due to it's nature. Even so each scene of dialog is needed and adds to the movie.

I was surprised that I liked this movie more than I thought I would. I went because my daughter wanted to see a movie and she chose this one.

Reviewed by nicole_neufeld 3 / 10

Painfully Pointless

I have to admit that I never heard of this movie before my friend's teenage daughter made us go to it. She loved it. Her mom and I walked out thinking 'ok, what was the point of that?'. This movie is like a record stuck on repeat. There was no resolution to explain why the protagonist was stuck in this loop. Was she cursed by something supernatural? Was it some cosmic time warp? We'll never know. Moreover, I wasn't engaged enough to care.

Reviewed by benrap 2 / 10

Privileged high school student has bad day, over and over

First, a disclaimer, this movie was definitely not marketed to my age group (34-45) so if this sort of brainlessness appeals to you, then enjoy the movie. Second, I did watch this on a day when the best movie playing in the theater was King Kong......I chose this one hoping that the genre would keep me intrigued.

I am a huge advocate of character building, I have never thought a movie could have too much of it. Perhaps it was the stereotypical references, the juvenile behavior assumptions or perhaps the sheer idiocy of script writing for the protagonist's friends (or maybe the terd in the back of the theater lighting up a joint), but I found myself asking the question, when is she going to die already and get to the mysterious plot. Her day just drug on; I have a hard time appreciating regular brainless speech, but this was worse than normal. You don't need to mix in so much foul language and friendly groping/flashing to hold a viewer's attention....unless you are just purely untalented as a writer. I am sure there are teenagers who do behave that way somewhere out there, but the majority do not. I don't think I have ever in my life walked out on a movie (with the exception of bathroom emergencies) in my entire life; I have this OCD desire of wanting to know how things end, but frankly; this time I don't.

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