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Reviewed by ticklegear 1 / 10

why did I even bother?

A film starring "The Hoff" and "Uncle 'so long gay boyz' Jeong" Two washed up hasbeen(s) prostituting themselves to pay their mortgages.

what was I thinking? Oh right. I remember now. I thought it was one of those films that was so bad it may be "good". Sadly, this is not one of those films.

This film is the "It's so bad that it's awful." variety The performances were phoned in. The jokes were written by junior high students stuck in detention - in between obsessively drawing penises on their desks.

The writers really fire on all cylinders with racist Asian jokes. I wasn't impressed, but some viewers may like it if lazy feeble stereotypes are their thing.

I like to say this was shockingly bad, but to be honest, it's really mainstream now. I think those hundreds of open air nuclear bomb tests in America finally made their way into our bloodstreams. Now some of us are paying the price.

Maybe when the radioactive poisoning saturates my body, I too, can enjoy these films like every other patriotic American.

Avoid it unless you dropped a child and want to punish yourself.


Reviewed by Larry Silverstein 2 / 10

Rarely Funny Silliness

This film, I imagine, is meant to be a raunchy black comedy. Well, it certainly is raunchy as well as lewd, crude, and, in my opinion, terribly unfunny.

Ken Jeong stars here as Chris, whose life is in shambles and sees his only way out is to kill David Hasselhoff and win his Celebrity Death Pool, which has grown to over 500 thousand dollars.

There are some decent performances here such as Will Sasso as a loan shark, Colton Dunn as a gay hit-man, and Hasselhoff does well parodying himself.

However, it just all added up to me as painful to watch silliness. Mercifully, it's only 1 hr. and 20 length.

Reviewed by siderite 5 / 10


The entire premise and outcome of the movie is in the trailer, so watching the film had to be about the jokes and the acting. And it was not funny. Oh, Hasselhoff making fun of his own inflated ego was a bit, but a very short bit, then it got old quick.

Now, this is not a bad movie that you can enjoy, it's just plain boring. It's got nothing, not even specific scenes, that is above the mediocre. I wanted very much to enjoy it, but I couldn't.

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