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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by john schneider 8 / 10

It may not have much in common with the original, but it's a joy of a movie for people of all ages

Aah, where to begin. I was five years old when the original came out and it was the first ever film I saw on the big screen. For that experience alone I'll treasure the "old" 'Pete's Dragon' forever.

Now to the "new" film. I'm not normally into family movies, but because I hold such a deep love for the original, I just couldn't resist to go to a pre-screening of this remake. If they didn't honor the original, at the very least I could voice my opinion afterwards on the internet. I needn't have worried - although it may come as a shock to some viewers that the film doesn't have much in common with the original at all. But this new 'Pete's Dragon' is about as far away from a cheap cash grab as it could be.

Unlike the original, the new film starts on a somber note (think the beginning of The Jungle Book, Tarzan or Bambi) in that a little boy is orphaned by an accident and left alone in the woods. But just like the best fairy tales, I feel a good story often needs some darker themes: for without those, the joyous moments wouldn't feel as intense and rewarding. And this is very true here, for what follows is a tale of friendship, adventure, magic and wonder like I hadn't seen since those wonderful Spielberg films in the eighties.

The story is sentimental - but never cheesy - and that is one of its greatest strengths: it dares to have a heart but it's not the kind of over-sugary tripe we so often get from big studios. The film's biggest asset, though, is easily Elliot. I had feared (because I had seen a trailer) that Elliot would be a cringe-worthy CGI creature of the worst kind, but the trailers really did the special effects wizards a bad service: the dragon design is perhaps the most beautiful (and I'm not ashamed to say it: cute) I've ever seen.

It blends perfectly with the natural surroundings (gorgeous New Zealand forests) and while this particular dragon has more traits of a playful, over-sized dog than of a dinosaur, it looks so realistic you believe you can touch and feel Elliot's fur (the 3-d works great for this film), and his face is so expressive you forget you're watching a CGI character.

All in all, this really is a film I can whole heartedly recommend to people of all ages, but if you have kids, watch it as soon as possible, you won't regret it. Despite going down a very different route than the original, it's still a throwback to a different era when Disney made the best quality family films (which were so good they are still immensely popular today), utterly devoid of the now so common cynicism, and full of heart, joy and wonder. 9 stars out of 10.

Reviewed by svorva 4 / 10

Pete's Big Green Dog

I worry about taking pot shots at a movie like Pete's Dragon. No one wants a twentysomething's jaded take on a kid's movie. I am aware I am not the target audience. The ticket vendor's surprise at my selection was no surprise to me. What can I say? The other option was an anthropomorphic hot dog. I took the chance because a children's film can be a light fantasy. Disney has taught everyone that "fun for the whole family" is not a death sentence. So when I criticize Pete's Dragon, understand I am not assailing aspects of the genre, e.g. the simplistic plot. That's not the movie's goal nor should it be my point. Pete's Dragon fails because it is utterly devoid of wonder.

True, wonder is a pretty squishy concept. Fortunately for me, my sense of wonder need not go on trial. That's because of my official co-reviewer, the kid who sat immediately next to me in the otherwise empty theater. He looked about the same age as Pete, our protagonist. I regret not asking. Regardless, I understand why this story could be appealing to my new colleague. Pete is tragically separated from his parents, but is rescued by a forest dwelling dragon. Pete names his new friend Elliot and together they spend their days playing in the woods and sleeping in a tree/cave/house. It is an idyllic existence, but it is ruined by the interference of other humans. Pete is threatened by greedy loggers and, the Nazis of family movies, child protective services. However, our hero finds some allies in ranger Grace (Howard) and her storytelling father (Redford). The entire movie scored two responses from my associate. First, a chuckle when Elliot gets a dosing of soot from a chimney. Second, a genuine chortle when an EMT dropped a stretcher. That part was my favorite too. Almost Two hours, two laughs. I refuse to believe this is the best Disney can offer. Admittedly, my second did applaud at the close, but this reaction was not half as enthusiastic as when his dad bought him a Slurpee.

Now hopefully I can take over explain what went wrong. First, the titular dragon. It is a dog. Elliot the big green dog. Elliot chases his tale. Elliot sneezes on people. Elliot is a dog. Whyyyyyyyyyyy? This is one of the most pathetic attempts at satisfying the boundless imaginations of children I have ever seen. Even the flying shots are derivative, all rendered in CG that just screams "I was meant to be seen in 3D." Well I'm cheap. All the other characters were equally tedious. Any idiosyncrasy or characteristic would have been appreciated. You can learn all there is to know about these personalities in 15 seconds. For the remainder of the movie, they will never surprise you, or charm you, or do anything worthy or remembrance. Part of the reason I attended Pete's Dragon was to gather data on the condition of Redford's career. I dread saying this, but this another performance suggesting he is washed up. Then again, in the role, Redford might never have stood a chance. Watching him mug like he was witnessing the second coming because a dragon turned a lighter shade of green was embarrassing. Another sad waste of talent was the cinematographer. The forest itself was the most magnetic character in the film. The natural beauty set a tone, only to be beaten down by the ham-fisted elements. So yes, I guess there was some wonder. Not enough to be redeemable. Pete's Dragon is a soulless morality tale on the importance of the nuclear family. Its grand aspiration was being inoffensive enough so you could bring your children. Disney can do better and we should watch better.

Reviewed by cmunts1993 1 / 10

major disappointment

if you are a fan of the original Walt Disney's Pete's dragon 1977 you will most likely be very disappointed.

the story is a complete change, well i say story there isn't much of a story in this film i don't want to give anything away but the only thing that is the same in the re-make is that there is a boy called Pete and he has a friend who is a dragon called Elliot.

I've actually thought that i might not watch any of the new live action remakes that Disney are going to release but i'm worried that they will be completely changed just as this one was

i wouldn't recommend this movie to anyone


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