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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by paulmcuomo 2 / 10

Read the book. No, seriously, read the book, it's so much better than this

The Girl on the Train is a novel that kind of jumped up on the world, especially with the unbelievable success of the book and movie versions of Gone Girl. Since then, this sub-genre of Domestic Noir has exploded and it seems that every novel that can be compared to Gone Girl has been optioned for a film: this, and Renee Knight's Disclaimer had the film rights purchased before the novels were even released to the public! It's a bandwagon that needs to stop, because I cannot understand how this movie could've been so disappointing and poor as it is.

As an Englishman, the film's location shift did aggravate me a lot. It's one of those things that changes nothing but everything at the same time; the train system in London is a very different one to New York, where it's more underground based. But that's a setting thing, doesn't affect the movie as a whole. What does affect the movie is how viciously, and how insufferably BORING IT IS! Seriously, this film treats everything like its the most binal and uninteresting thing, in which all the characters talk in flat and monotone voices, and the fact that screenwriter Erin Cressida Wilson has removed so much of the kinks and human error from it. Add to this is that most of the characters are completely flat, with almost no backstory - the only real "backstories" being had by Megan and Rachel, more of those in a second - and this makes everything SO hard to sit through, or barely care when stuff happens. Tate Taylor, who made the excellent The Help some years ago, and directed his actors in that with such confidence and zest, makes me wonder why this movie is so lifeless, and why he struggled to direct his actors in this with any human qualities to them. It's like he is trying to out-Gone Girl Gone Girl, but the problem with that is that David Fincher is clearly more adept at darker material; the way Fincher accentuates moments of extreme pivotal violence, like Amy's murder of Desi, or gives a clear indication of where/when stuff is happening, or made the only real monster of the movie Gone Girl Amy, and made the others human but just flawed in some way. Everyone here is just nasty, in some way, but in such unremarkable ways - or ways that are made to feel unremarkable, such as Rachel inserting herself into Scott Hipwell's life after his wife is murdered.

OK, Rachel's backstory is quickly glossed over; she was unable to conceive, so she began her spiral into alcoholism. That's it for her, and Emily Blunt, who is at her best when portraying characters being slowly broken down by life, does her best, but as stated, there's really no humanity to Rachel, so alas is all blowing into the wind. Megan, played by Haley Bennett, is by far the most tragic character, and that is because we can see how irreparably damaged she is from the death of a baby she conceived at a young age, to the point where she ends up in the situation that gets her killed. And Anna? Yeah, she's just there, she does nothing short of providing a good ending for Rachel, but all of her vindictive attitude is removed from the book, and so Rebecca Ferguson looks completely lost and is easily the weakest of the 3 main characters. Luke Evans tries, but is stumped by the absurd amount of sex scenes him and Bennett are involved with and an absence of character beyond that. And Justin Theroux as Tom is just a nasty guy; now, in the novel he's a nasty guy, but he was a nasty guy with a past, and in this he has no past.

Really, in the end, Blunt and Bennett tried. Thumbs up for that. This movie however is just jumping on the Gone Girl bandwagon, but not taking the effort or care that movie took with its material. Just...just read the book.

Reviewed by Stephen Crotty 2 / 10

Southern Rail provide more drama

Saw the film two days ago. It started alright but just never really went anywhere in terms of drama, intrigue, pace, suspense or any of the key components of a murder mystery thriller. By the end of the film you just don't feel anything for any of the film's main characters. Having not read the book, I can't say whether the book is suspenseful but the film has less drama than the current Southern rail conductors strikes. When eventually the killer confronts Emily Blunt's character you really don't give a flying fig. The film makes me relish even more, wonderful murder thrillers like Jagged Edge, Seven, Fargo, The lives of others, Silence of the Lambs, and Basic Instinct.

Reviewed by Dan Harden 2 / 10


Based on a best selling novel and with a huge marketing campaign to back the film, The Girl On The Train oddly became one of the most anticipated films of the Autumn to Christmas period... But instead of being the Guardians of the Galaxy of this period the film fairs as well as this years Suicide Squad. The Girl On The Train is absolutely terrible and I feel rather sorry for Emily Blunt who I feel is left alone trying to salvage this wreckage.

The film is so melodramatic that it is physically exhausting. The script is I feel mainly to blame as many lines, especially Megan's, feel extremely pretentious and I can't help but roll my eyes almost every time someone speaks. Not only is the dialogue over the top but the characters are written in such an unlikable way and the story's progression is simply boring with one or two exceptions. I also took issue with some of the plot points but I am unaware if this fault lies with the book itself, or the film has adapted it and executed it in such a poor way... I think I'll give the book the benefit of the doubt and stick to the film as this must have been a Best Selling Book for a reason.

The characters in this film are extremely unlikable to the point that anything they say or do annoyed me. The frustrating thing about these characters, and this is again Megan's character mainly, is that they are often perfectly happy and fine but seem to go out their way to screw their lives up (with the obvious exception of Rachel). Megan was a huge issue for me as she had a seemingly happy life, she worked in galleries and with children and had a husband who loved her... But she just has to sleep around with the entire male cast to the point that you feel exactly what Rachel felt when she saw her from the train. Megan's character is rage inducing and for that I simply didn't care if she was alive or dead but instead wanted to give the culprit a medal... But even the culprit is a frustratingly irritating ass.

The best thing about this film by far is Emily Blunt's acting. I would call it the films saving grace but this film is far from saving. Blunt's performance of an alcoholic, voyeuristic, lonely woman who takes the same train everyday to watch the "perfect couple" is great. Of course the lines she is given aren't that great and her character is again irritatingly stupid I'm surprised Alison Janney didn't wack handcuffs on her, but as the plot thickens so does your understanding of her character and so she is excused. As I said earlier I feel rather sorry for Blunt who is tasked with holding the whole film together, but it sadly isn't enough even though she tried so hard and got so far, in the end it didn't even matter.

Overall, The Girl On The Train is one of the worst films of the year in my opinion. The Suicide Squad of the Autumn - December movie season. Emily Blunt tries her best but it isn't enough to save this melodramatic mess. Fan's of the book I'm sorry if I offend and I'm sure the book is good and worth the time to read... But the film is simply not worth the 112 minutes and the anger it generates. Stand aside Amy Schumer this film is the real Trainwreck.

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